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Wealth & Tax Advisors

Tax advice can make or break the deal for companies who are seeking to grow their business as well as create better value for their shareholders. Specialized Tax Advisory firms may not physically be present at a said jurisdiction and require in-depth knowledge and advice from an expert solution provider. They require crucial knowledge of laws, tax planning or compliance etc.

That’s why the best Tax Advisory firms rely on Abacus Seychelles to give them critical information and solutions on the diverse knowledge of products in a specific jurisdiction – such as Seychelles. Our partner firms include consulting firms like KPMG, PWC or law firms such as Fox Mandal, specialized accounting firms such as Amicorp, TMF Group etc.

We provide solutions based on your client’s need, be it a product or a service. For Eg: Your clients may be looking for an – IBC, CSL, Trust, Foundation, Mutual Funds, Company structuring solutions or other offshore related services. Abacus Seychelles can assist you in minimizing tax costs and help you manage tax risks.

Tax Minimization

If your client/company has significant business interests in a non-domicile jurisdiction, it is possible to set up a tax efficient offshore business solution.

A Seychelles led solution is strategic from the point of view of International Trade. This is because of low maintenance costs and ease of setting up. It is possible to create an efficient solution which helps minimize taxes such as Capitals Gains, Stamp Duty or Income Tax. Abacus Seychelles can assist in creating solutions that brings in efficiency and hence help your client maximize their wealth!

Asset Protection

As Tax Advisers you can provide expert advice and solutions from Abacus Seychelles on protecting your clients from tax legal liabilities.

Abacus Seychelles can advise you on company structuring solutions for HNIs or Corporate which could include creating Trusts or Foundation for asset protection. Businesses that are selling products internationally can also benefit from an offshore asset protection solutions which can be structured by us.

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