Individuals & Families -

Individuals & Families

At Abacus Seychelles we understand that as a High Net worth Individual, safeguarding your wealth is of the highest priority. With multiple business interests and assets worldwide, it is important to manage, protect and maximize wealth through an expert solutions provider.

Asset Protection & Tax Minimization

Protect yourself against creditors or litigation by planning your asset protection with Abacus Seychelles. This not only ensures long term sustainability but also to grow your wealth. It is important to be pro-active in protecting your assets or business. Because you have spent your entire lifetime accumulating it!

We can expertly structure your assets for asset protection, estate planning or passing on an inheritance. It can also be part of corporate financial planning in association with an International Business Corporation.

Maximizing Wealth

Another way is to diversify investments through various vehicles while keeping in mind the tax efficiency as well as growth.We can tailor investment instruments to suit individual needs such as for Fund Services with a number of existing fund types. There are also many Fund Vehicle options that are tax efficient in Seychelles, such as IBCs, CSLs, Limited Partnerships, International Trusts etc.

Our industry linkage with fund operators /specialists will also give you exclusive insights to major markets in international trade.

Check out our Abacus Seychelles Solutions or Contact Us to redeem the best fit solution for your assets and wealth.