Fund Operators -

Fund Operators

When it comes to Fund Management and asset protection, it is important to partner with an adept fund solutions provider because investments in emerging markets may involve considerable risk.

Seychelles enjoys a stable political and economic climate with sophisticated markets and systems. In fact the flexible Mutual Fund laws here allow multiple sub-funds to exist within the overall fund structure, making it more strategic, less expensive and providing ease for investors to switch from one fund to another. If you are looking for expert advice, end-to-end solutions on fund entity setup, Abacus Seychelles can provide the required solutions based on your requirements.

Fund Entity Incorporation

At Abacus (Seychelles) Limited we help with the incorporation of the fund entity by drafting an M&A, incorporate the fund entity and provide a registered agent and a registered office.

Our solutions are comprehensive as they include drafting/reviewing the offering memorandum, assistance in introduction to the industry’s best professionals and liaising with them if required, preparing and filing licensing documents.

Fund Setup License

Mutual Funds in Seychelles can be set up as a company, limited partnership or as a unit trust. There are various fund options available. In Seychelles, only a licensed fund administrator can conduct his business.

There are two fund administration choices – within Seychelles as a licensed fund administrator or as an approved foreign administrator. Abacus Seychelles has in depth experience and knowledge of providing solutions based on the requirements. We also have networking with experienced industry experts such as custodians, legal advisors and auditors. Furthermore, Abacus Seychelles can facilitate in obtaining Investment Advisor License which is required for conducting Investment Advisory Business in Seychelles.

Compliance and Regulatory Solutions

Mutual Fund industry is part of a well-regulated investment environment where the interests of the investors are protected by the regulator. All funds must comply with the Anti-Money Laundering regulations of Seychelles. Since Abacus Seychelles is a firm that observes the highest integrity and constantly aims at high customer satisfaction, we provide tailor-made solutions to an ever growing client-base, all in compliance with international best practices.

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