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International Business & Entrepreneurs

Whether you are a large international corporation or a small/medium sized enterprise, sky is the limit if you want to expand your business. Most corporate companies face high taxation in their home country. For eg: in Cyprus the tax rate is approximately 35%. There are also other issues such as lack of confidentiality and repetition of taxes when business is carried in more than two countries.

But if it’s your dream to grow globally, enter different markets and put your business on the world map, Abacus Seychelles has multiple solution offerings to meet the real world business challenges.

Tax Minimization

If your company has significant business interests in a non-domicile jurisdiction, it is possible to set up a tax efficient offshore business such as an IBC. A Seychelles IBC is also specifically strategic from the point of view of International Trade. This is because of low maintenance costs and ease of setting up. It is also tax efficient since an IBC is exempt of taxes such as Capitals Gains, Stamp Duty or Income Tax. Plan your organization structure to maximize your wealth!

Access to DTAA

Seychelles Double Tax Agreements is accessible to a number of countries such as Bahrain, China, Cyprus, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Oman, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and Zambia. It helps companies avoid double taxes if they are operating in multiple geographies. Abacus Seychelles offers solutions along with setting up of a CSL to help you gain access into the most profitable market and make the most of it.

Intellectual Property

In many cases tax-planning companies can be very successful in exploiting the varying international withholding tax rates for dividends, royalties and interest.

For example, it is very common, for a nominal consideration, to transfer patent, copyright or trademarks in favour of an appropriate tax-mitigating vehicle like an offshore company in Seychelles before significant appreciation.

Once acquired it then being possible to issue IP sub-licenses or exploitation rights to appropriate third party structures.

Fund Solutions

A Seychelles Mutual Fund can be set up with great flexibility in structuring. Abacus Seychelles has experienced and licensed professionals who can establish and administer a fund expertly. It is exempt from taxes on profits and gains which would be payable in a high tax jurisdiction.

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