Multiple Advantage of Multi-Jurisdiction Structure

When it comes to planning investments and wealth, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. There are as many as 80+ jurisdictions which offer offshore structuring and each one of them is unique in its own way. The number and the kind of treaties that each jurisdiction enjoys with partnering countries is never the same and neither is the client’s need.

It is at these times that one should consider making use of more than one jurisdiction as part of the structure.

Whether it is international trading, assets across borders or investments that one looks at, the very fact that it involves more than 2 or 3 countries leads to different requirements that need to be met. And depending on the source of the investment and the destination the usage of more than one jurisdiction would come into play.

Let us consider an example:
Mr. Zhang Wei a successful medical equipment supplier in Hunan province in China is exploring the possibility of trading his goods in say, Uganda. While he already has a Hong Kong company ‘Zhang Wei Medeq Pvt Ltd’, which has helped him creating a market in rest of Asia, he is unsure of Africa.


This is all but a simplistic solution to look at a multi-jurisdiction structure which is absolutely compliant with international regulations.

 So what are the reasons to consider a multi-jurisdiction structure?

  • Books are maintained separately. One’s profit / loss doesn’t affect another leading to better valuation of each entity
  • Each entity has the potential of its own to create newer markets
  • Jurisdictional advantages like investment protection
  • Simplified accounting depending on the kind of entity created in each jurisdiction
  • Asset protection wherever applicable
  • A variety of products available to choose; from simple trading / holding companies to Trusts / Foundations or Funds based on the need.
  • Incidentally, these structures can also prove to be highly tax prudent

At Abacus Seychelles, we believe in working closely with our clients in creating structures which are compliant, simple and still provide you with the best solution for your given situation across multiple jurisdictions through our network of associates.

Apart from Seychelles, we can provide solutions in other renowned jurisdictions including Mauritius, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Dubai, Singapore and many more.

We would be happy to assist you in your multi-jurisdiction requirements. Please do connect with us with your requirements on and we would be happy to take a call with you.

Seychelles – The Destination for Growth

Seychelles is a country that has grown from being a traditional fishing and tourism economy to being a contributor to the growth of world economy and in enabling international flow of capital, wealth, and investment. Seychelles has adapted a sustainable growth model by repositioning itself to tap into human capital and provide Financial services as a jurisdiction. Today, Seychelles is among the fastest growing jurisdictions in the world.

The political stability, good communication infrastructure, a sound legal system, and high standards of professionalism have been the important factors of the growth of this sector. The double taxation treaties with countries such as China, Indonesia, Belgium, Cyprus, South Africa, and UAE among many others make Seychelles a perfect destination. Seychelles provides a wide array of products such as International Business Company (IBC), Special License Company (CSL), Protected Cell Company (PCC), Domestic Company, Trusts, Mutual Funds, Offshore Bank Accounts, Foundations, and services such as Legal, Accounting & Auditing that are ideal for offshore businesses. With absolute compliance to the International AML regulations and the confidentiality that the local regulations provide, the industry and the jurisdiction of Seychelles is poised to grow further. Unparalleled advantages such as being relatively inexpensive to set up, unlimited authorized capital, and faster speed of establishing offshore companies are only strengthening this destination.

At Abacus Seychelles, we use the tools offered by the Seychelles jurisdiction, state-of-the-art technology platforms and an expert team to ensure reliable and transparent, workable solutions.


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