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The diverse markets of today mean that business, wealth, and investments are spread far and wide. There are reduced boundaries between the countries that enable us to invest and produce in different countries. But the different laws and regulations across countries are not the same, thus managing, administering and protecting interests has become a cumbersome and often, a costly problem.

Abacus Seychelles Limited was established in 2006 to provide complete solutions for those looking for the right avenues to dwell and grow their assets. Abacus Seychelles has fast emerged as a practice leader providing solutions for individuals, corporations, financial planners, fund operators, and also tax planners by establishing offshore companies, Trusts, and Offshore Foundations in Seychelles. Enabling business in today’s world means helping business become truly global and expand beyond the borders. We help our clients achieve the full potential of their business by leveraging our understanding of worldwide markets and to overcome geophysical disadvantages. Our solutions in estate protection and management are efficient and tailor-made to suit the individual needs of our clients. Our expertise on wealth maximization has helped our clients achieve their potential and has earned us the reputation of being a complete solutions provider for a sustainable growth. Our expertise in enabling global business, in estate protection, and in wealth maximization has been extremely beneficial to our clients worldwide.

We have earned the reputation of being amongst the most trusted provider for Seychelles led solutions on the basis of solving client needs expeditiously while maintaining the character of a quality solution provider despite being competitive. Abacus Seychelles constantly aims at high customer satisfaction by providing tailor-made solutions to an ever growing client-base, all in compliance with international best practices. With an advisory board consisting of well-known global professionals from the offshore consulting industry, Abacus Seychelles Ltd is a team of highly motivated, customer focused and multilingual team of professionals catering to the needs of several hundred customers, spread across Europe, Asia, Africa and Americas. Abacus Seychelles is also a member of several industry bodies including the ITPA, IFA, AOA and CWM.

We are an organization that has the skills, the attitude and the understanding of the world economy while retaining its consumer orientation to provide the right solution from an unparalleled jurisdiction – The Seychelles.

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