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Seychelles Special License Company (CSL)

Seychelles Special License Company is formed under the Companies Act 1972 and opearates under the Hybrid law. The Special License is awarded under the companies Act 2003. A Special License Company (CSL) is a resident company and can conduct business inside and outside of Seychelles. Seychelles CSL can engage in various business activities as indicated in the Seychelles Company Act 2003. CSL can undertake activities like Banking, Insurance, reinsurance and any such activities and business approved by Seychelles FSA. All business undertakings are approved and licensed by Seychelles FSA (Financial Services Authority)

The clients will be able to enjoy the benefits of DTAA with an access to any treaty jurisdiction with reduced tax. The special feature of CSL is that it is taxed minimally at just 1.5% of the income generated worldwide.

The following are the activities that can be undertaken under Seychelles CSL:

  • Undertaking the business of investment management and advice
  • Offshore Banking
  • Offshore insurance and re-insurance
  • Investment Services
  • Marketing
  • Intellectual property holding
  • Franchise
  • Human Resources
  • Any other business approved by Seychelles FSA


Key Features of Seychelles CSL

Legal System Common Law/Civil Law Hybrid
Disclosure of Beneficial Owner to Registrar Yes
Disclosure of Beneficial Owner to Registered Agent Yes
Change in Domicile Permitted
Non-English Language Names Allowed Yes
Operational Objects Specific to intended business
Tax Resident Yes
Tax on Worldwide Profits 1.5%
Access to Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties Yes
Trade Restriction
Corporate Requirements
Minimum Shareholders Two
Minimum Directors Two (local required to access DTAA)
Bearer Shares Allowed No
Corporate Directors Allowed No
Company Secretary Required Yes
Standard Authorized Share Capital USD 5,000 (up to USD 100,000)
Minimum Paid Up Capital 10% of authorized share capital
Corporate Seal No
Local Requirements
Registered Office/Agent Yes
Local Secretary Yes
Local Meetings No
Government Registry of Directors Yes
Government Registry of Shareholders Yes
Annual Requirements
Filing of Audited Accounts Yes
Annual Filing of Returns Yes
Annual Meeting No
Meeting Location Can be held anywhere
Incorporation Time 2-4 weeks


We offer Offshore investment management benefits. They are: 

  • Seychelles CSL is taxed only at 1.5% on its total profits worldwide which is relatively low when compared to other jurisdictions
  • CSL has access to wide network of DTAAs which Seychelles has entered into and hence avoid double taxation
  • CSL is exempt from stamp duty and withholding taxes on dividends, interest
  • Increasing DTAA treaties with China, Thailand, Indonesia, Mauritius, South Africa, Botswana etc, CSL is a preferred business entity

The Abacus Advantage

Abacus has years of experience in the opening and operating of Special Company License in Seychelles. If you are sure that CSL is the perfect option for you, or if you are wondering if it is, please contact us at, or at +248 461 0780, to talk to us. We would be happy to help!
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