Protected Cell Companies -

Protected Cell Companies

A Protected Cell Company (PCC) is one of the most popular companies offered in Seychelles. The main advantage is that a PCC allows structures enabling international business, wealth/ asset planning and mutual fund formations.

PCC is a corporate entity, which has been designed to hold assets in one or more segregated cells. The main idea behind this structure is to separate the assets in each cell (business) from those activities in the other cells.

A Protected Cell Company is able to segregate its assets into different cells within that company and protects each cell from the liabilities of any other cell. It is necessary that such companies require applicable licences in respect to the activity or activities to be conducted by the PCC in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction where they conduct their business.

Key Features

Seychelles PCC

Legal System Common Law/Civil Law Hybrid
Disclosure of Beneficial Owner to Registrar Yes
Disclosure of Beneficial Owner to Registered Agent Yes
Change in Domicile Permitted
Non-English Language Names Allowed Yes
Operational Objects Offshore Insurance, Mutual Funds business, and other Collective Investments
Tax Resident Yes
Tax on Worldwide Profits Shall be subject to the applicable rate wherever the business is situated.
Access to Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties No
Trade Restriction can engage in any activity with the approval of Seychelles FSA (the Authority)
Corporate Requirements
Minimum Directors Two
Corporate Directors Allowed No
Company Secretary Required Yes (Local required)
Standard Authorized Share Capital USD 100,000 divided into 100,000 shares valued at no par value or US$1.00 each (it is not required to have all of the shares issued, but a minimum of two shares must be issued);
Types of Assets Cellular Assets, Non cellular Assets
  • Stamp duty in respect to all transfers of property to a PCC
  • All transactions in respect to the shares\debt obligations or other securities of PCC and all transactions relating to the business of a PCC
  • Exchange Control Act
Local Requirements
Registered Office/Agent Yes
Local Secretary Yes
Local Meetings No
Government Registry of Directors Yes, not public
Government Registry of Shareholders Yes, not public
Annual Requirements
Annual Filing of Returns Yes
Annual Meeting No
Meeting Location If held, can be held anywhere
Incorporation Time 2-3 weeks



  • PCC as part of business structure is ideal for use in umbrella funds and captive insurance structures, because the losses of one cell will not have an adverse effect on the other cells
  • It can limit the creditor exposure, the cells are independent and the assets of a particular cell can be applied to the liabilities of that particular cell only
  • It is cost effective compared to forming various subsidies for different businesses

The Abacus Advantage

Abacus offers an experienced team of professionals who can help you structure your business in an efficient way, enabling international business wealth/ asset planning and mutual fund operations. To find out how we can help you with a Protected Cell Company, please write to us at or fill the enquiry form we will call you.

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