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Seychelles has grown to become one of the most attractive destinations for financial services and structuring as a jurisdiction in the Indian Ocean region. Abacus Seychelles, established in 2006, is the preferred offshore company setup solutions provider for those looking for the right avenues to protect and grow their businesses and assets. We have grown to be a reputed player in the market with our solutions for entrepreneurs, individuals and families, financial planners, fund operators, and tax planners.


Our Offshore Company Incorporation Service implements the following solution

Our Offshore Company Incorporation Service implements the following solution

In an interconnected world, it is important for businesses and individuals to understand the complexities and protect themselves from the diversity that exists across many countries. We understand these complexities and use the available existing tools and products as part of the Seychelles portfolio, to create effective solutions for our clients. The existing products become tools in constructing simple structures, which provide solutions to complex problems.

Case Studies
    Seychelles Jurisdiction Offerings

    Abacus Seychelles provides tailor-made solutions for its clients who are looking for the perfect way to make the Seychelles products work for them.
  • home_solutions01International Business Company

    An IBC is the most versatile offering company available in Seychelles, and is a non-resident company, which can undertake any activity in any part of the world other than Seychelles.

  • home_solutions02Special License Company

    A CSL can carry on business both inside and outside of Seychelles and is a tax resident of Seychelles. The DTAA benefits enable clients to access any treaty jurisdiction with reduced tax.

  • home_solutions03International Trusts

    International Trust is set-up and regulated by Seychelles International Trust Act 1994. There is a list of Trust options available but trust varieties tailored to client specific needs are also available.